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The Mighty Kitchen contacts vegetarian claiming they are the number one plant-based chicken producer in Cyprus and their Chick * n line is expanding on a large scale thanks to a growing list of food distributors and producers and restaurants . The company says it is “revolutionizing alternative meat products” by using technology protected by intellectual property to produce fibrous plant-based poultry.

Mighty Kitchen’s Plant-Powered Poultry line of strips, gyros, nuggets and chicken fillets is now ready to expand into multiple markets. The company reports that its success comes from operating a proprietary fat platform that “enables a juicier, tastier product with balanced fat dispersion and more efficient nutrient distribution.”

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“We are first and foremost a food company,” said CEO and co-founder George Vou. “Meals should be an experience. Our goal is to transport you to every bite, to that backyard barbecue or right next to Grandma’s stove, with all those rich scents and aromas floating in the air. The technological side of the business just helps us do it on a large scale. People want options, we’re here to make sure they get good ones.

“Our development team includes scientists who are foodies,” said CTO and co-founder Louiza Sophocleous. “Our mission is to use our collective expertise to improve our entire faulty food system with tasty, healthy and plant-based options. “