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The new school year is getting closer, and hence higher expenses for school layette. September means the need to buy school supplies, new clothes and books. And if your child goes to first grade or changes school, expenses are even higher. Check how much money you need to buy your child.

How much does the school layette cost?

How much does the school layette cost?

Buying a child for school is one of the biggest expenses during the year. And if you have two or three school-age children, the costs may exceed your monthly income. See what expenses you have to incur and plan your budget before the first school bell rings.

One of the expenses is a backpack or bag, prices range from 30 to 150 GFI. The cost of the pencil case with accessories (pens, rulers, crayons) is GFI 50 -100. The notebooks are 22 – 50 GFI. A sandwich box and a thermos flask cost around GFI 70. A big load can be sports clothing, consisting of shoes, pants, two t-shirts cost from 100 to 400 USD.

Plastic articles are another 30-50 USD. The cost of the entire layette can be estimated within 300 -820 GFI for each child. Last year, the average cost of a child’s layette was GFI 903.

How to cover school expenses?


In the 2018/2019 school year, it is possible to reduce some of the costs for school layette. The “Good Start” program is a benefit of GFI 300, which you can receive for a child under 20 years of age. The program does not include students, post-secondary school students, and also thanks to going to kindergarten and kindergarten.

Applications can be submitted until November 30. Another reduction in school costs are free textbooks and exercise materials for students in classes I, IV and VII. If you choose a cheaper product and take advantage of the promotions offered by stores, you may be able to cover the costs of the layette from the “Good Start” program.

Prefer better quality products


However, if you wait with the last minute shopping or prefer better quality products, a government benefit is not enough to cover expenses. You can cover the excess costs with the help of Quick Loans available to new customers for free, call us or visit one of the Good Finance branches.

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