Takeover credit Simulation: The detailed explanations!

The one and only monthly payment

The one and only monthly payment

The redemption of credits consists in grouping all the credits contracted in one and only monthly payment. This is called consolidation of credits or pooled credits. This helps to clarify and simplify the management of its accounts with a single depreciation schedule. Cashimogu, a service of NPN Parley Fard bank, offers this financing solution to meet the cash flow needs of households in debt, over-indebtedness or facing an exceptional situation ( divorce, unemployment, retirement, real estate purchase, travel, marriage… ). For example, does Cashimogu finance a personal loan of between 6,000 and 30,000 euros. On the website of the establishment of credits, it is possible to simulate an online purchase of credits. Go directly to the Cashimogu online simulator or follow the instructions below:

  • On the home page of the Cashimogu website, click on the “Credit consolidation” tab which shows 3 proposals on the drop-down menu ( “With mortgage credit”, “Without mortgage credit”, “How the credit pool works” ). The link ” Operation of the grouping of credits” is purely informative. It provides you with essential information on this type of financing ( “Consolidation of credits in a nutshell”, How the loan consolidation works, “The advantages of the loan consolidation”, How to subscribe to a pool of credits ” ).

Excerpt from the official website “Cashimogu”

  • Choose the loan consolidation formula that suits you by clicking on one of the two options “With mortgage credit” if you want to include in the credit pool your home loan or “Without mortgage credit” if you do not want to include it.

You reach the table entitled “Your application for a loan without commitment”.

  • Complete this table by using all of your depreciation tables to define the amount of your credits conso, possibly your current immo credits and the total remaining due.
    If you do not have a mortgage or do not want to include it in the credit pool, do not fill in the “Amount of your current home loans” field.
  • Do not forget to indicate your situation in the 1st heading “You are” : owner, tenant, housed by the family…
  • Complete the questionnaire by informing about the household’s monthly income.

Amounts given as an example. Complete the table with your own numbers.

  • Then click on “I validate” to access the following table entitled “Your personal information”.
  • Complete the fields. Fill in your phone number (s) leaving no space between the numbers. Do not forget to specify your marital status : married, cohabiting, divorced…
  • If you wish to receive advertising offers by e-mail, emanating from NPN Parley Fard, check the box “I agree to receive commercial offers…” before validating ( “I confirm my request” ).

Here is, for example, the table once completed:

Here is, for example, the table once completed:

Once your table validated ( “I confirm my request” ), you receive a confirmation of receipt of your request by the department in charge of studying your file, as follows:

A Cashimogu advisor will contact you again.

  • You will be asked to provide supporting documents.
  • An offer of consolidation of credits will be proposed to you in view of the elements of your file. If you agree, return it dated and signed.

Cashimogu will initiate, after the legal withdrawal period, the procedure of credit redemption and will refund your old credit organizations.

A warning is posted at the top of the site to avoid disastrous financial situations: ” A credit commits you and must be repaid: check your repayment capabilities before you commit. “

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