Simulation of a purchase of Credit online (Guide and tutorial).

What is credit redemption?

What is credit redemption?

Credit redemption is defined as the merging of all loans contracted into one. In the end, this results in a single monthly payment, considerably reduced, offered at a single rate. This greatly reduces the burden of burdens on the household budget. The latter can then once again stabilize its financial situation, or even invest in new projects. The online bank Uno, a subsidiary of Conccord Bank and the Millian group, specializes in consumer loans and loan redemptions. She also studies requests for mUno. You can perform an online loan consolidation simulation on Uno. This will give you an indication of your new monthly payment.

In order to simulate your credit restructuring, two options are possible:

  • go directly to the introductory page of the simulator Uno.
  • follow the steps leading to the simulator from the Uno homepage

For this second option, open the Uno site. On the home page, select ” Credits “, the second choice in the menu bar.

Excerpt from Uno official website

By clicking on ” Credits ” or on the arrow / triangle to the right of ” Credits “, you open the corresponding drop-down menu

Select ” Credit Consolidation ” or click on the link below ” Discover Credit Consolidation “. This leads you to a page explaining the benefits of buying back credits. You have to go to the bottom of the page in the section ” How to make a grouping of credits ? »Then on the link: oney redemption
You finally get to the introductory page of the simulator. If you are not a customer at, click on ” Next step ” in the ” New customer ” column. If you have an Uno account, choose the right column ” Already a customer ” and log in, either with your username or with your email address. Validate in both cases by clicking on ” I connect to the customer area “.

Beforehand, take into account all the remaining deadlines and balances due from your credits in order to be able to fill it in the form to be completed which consists of four steps: ” Your situation “, ” About you “, ” Your budget “, ” Our answer “.

In the first step entitled ” Your situation “, you must provide information on ” Your credits and expenses ” and ” Your need for additional cash “. Indicate in ” Type of credit ” – ” Specify the type of credit ” if it is a credit car, boat, real estate, personal loan, revolving credit… Choose the bank with which the credit was subscribed in the drop-down menu by clicking on ” Specify the establishment “. Fill in all the fields leaving the box ” I want this credit to be bought back “. If you do not want it, uncheck the box. You can add additional credits or withdraw the last saved credit by clicking at the bottom of the form on the link ” Add additional credit ” or ” Withdraw this credit “. Do not forget to confirm via the ” Continue ” button.In the second step ” About you “, you must fill in all the fields; these concern ” Your details ” ( your personal data ), ” Co-borrower “, ” Your current home “, ” Your family situation “.
If you have a co-borrower, indicate ” Yes ” and complete their personal information.
Do not want to receive commercial solicitations from Uno or its partners by email? Check the ” No ” boxes in ” Stay informed of our offers and news “. Click ” Continue ” to progress in the form.

The third step ” Your budget ” contains the details of your professional situation (” Your profession “). Specify, for example, whether you are a student, on fixed term, temporary, permanent contract… Register ” Your monthly income ” then click on ” Continue “.The last and fourth step ” Our answer ” validates the transmission of your form to the CFC partner, specialist in pooling credits, from Uno.

This form ( online simulator Uno ) has no contractual value since it is simply an estimate. The latter must be the subject of an in-depth study with a CFC expert. You receive an answer quickly. Know that with the simulator Uno, you can consult the progress of your file with your identifiers at any time.


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