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At Kathy in Karowise, we offer you a cheap mortgage that will make your dream of your own apartment or house come true. We offer comprehensive services in this area – not only will we tailor the offer to your needs from among the 15 banks’ proposals, but we will also help you complete all the documents necessary to conclude the contract and receive funds. Thanks to us you will save time as well as money, because we know how to find a favorable loan against real estate.


We will find the best mortgage for you in Silesia

mortgage loan

Buying property is a serious financial undertaking, so taking out a loan for this purpose under the pledge involves great responsibility. To avoid being overly burdened when paying off a liability, it is worth making sure that the associated costs are as low as possible at the beginning. At Kathy’s office, we have been helping clients find the best mortgage products for many years, taking into account their budget options (e.g. amount of own contribution) and expectations (even those regarding the amount of the monthly installment payable).


The cheapest mortgage, or what?

The cheapest mortgage, or what?

Margin is not everything. It should be important for the borrower whether the bank charges a commission for granting a mortgage. This is a one-time payment, the amount of which is usually determined as a percentage of the amount of capital borrowed. However, the cost of credit does not have to end there. The total cost of the loan will also be affected by other, additional fees and costs charged by the bank, it is worth checking each time what additional costs will allow you to take advantage of the offered offer – it may be, for example, a compulsory credit card, minimum monthly account receipts, required for several years life insurance etc.
We will take all these factors into account when preparing an individual offer for a cheap mortgage for the purchase of real estate, which may be, among others apartment, house or plot.


When is a good solution a mortgage ?

When is a good solution a mortgage ?

Individuals who use the services of our office in Karowise can count primarily on mortgage loan offers . These are products that are intentional and intended for the purchase of real estate. In addition, we offer mortgage loans –   mainly for companies. In this case, the funds can be used for any purpose, e.g. to cover the costs of current operations, investments or even repayment of other liabilities. The condition for using this form of financing is that the company owns real estate on which collateral can be established. It can be e.g. a plot, own office or commercial premises. Thanks to this, it is possible to apply for a high amount of liability even in the event of insufficient creditworthiness. However, it is worth remembering that the amount of the loan depends on the value of the pledge.

For loans, we not only offer solutions provided by banks, but also by private investors.

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