Expert View: Real Estate Broker’s Sale

This text is a special collaboration of Sean Cole, real estate broker of the real estate agency Good Finance.

So, you want to sell your house? The decision seems to be very simple, right? In many cases, this is true. But, as a real estate broker I often meet people who are coming into a sales situation who are not always satisfied with the results.

Realistic selling price


My role as a real estate broker is not only to help the seller establish a realistic selling price. My mandate is to guide my clients, to prepare them for the sales process in order to help them make good decisions regarding real estate.

I engage my clients in a conversation to determine the appropriate course of action for their particular situation. Here’s an essential question that every homeowner should consider before putting his house up for sale:

What are my reasons for wanting to sell my house?


It’s not always a good decision to sell your house. Yes, I said it! I know this notion is a bit far-fetched from a person whose career is based on buying and selling houses between people.

But the interests of my customers are important to me, so we must be able to identify the reason behind the desire to put his home to sell. Selling your home should not be rushed because being a homeowner is usually not the problem. In some cases, you can achieve better results by choosing a strategy other than going through the sales process.

Situation example # 1

Imagine that you had a new family member. Perhaps a new baby or relative coming to live in your home? The house is not big enough! Still, you like the house and the area in which you live. Before you put your house up for sale, ask yourself if it would not be more advantageous to add a room and undertake renovations to enlarge and adapt your home to your new needs. In addition there are plenty of new credits for renovation in Quebec!

Situation example # 2

Or maybe you have intolerable neighbors. These problems could be solved with a constructive discussion. So try before leaving the neighborhood. Talking about it is much easier than embarking on filling boxes (and certainly less expensive!).

Do not waste your energy and time


There is no doubt that there are innumerable situations that deserve the sale of a home. In truth, an owner can apply his right of sale to his sandstone. However, try to be wise so that you do not waste your energy and time – and those of your broker – without considering all the alternatives that are right for you.

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